Guyana reshaping security reform for O&G related crimes – security minister

Khemraj Ramjattan, Guyana's Minister of Public Security

The Guyana Government is refocusing its €4M British Security Reform Project along with its US$15M Citizens Security Project for a more tailor-made approach to tackle potential criminal realities associated with a booming oil economy.

Minister of Public Security, Vice President, Khemraj Ramjattan, made the disclosure this week in an exclusive interview with OilNOW.

Mr. Ramjattan said by 2020 – when the oil production is slated to begin in Guyana – the security services “would be far more formidable than it is today.”

Speaking about the security preparations for the oil and gas sector, he indicated that by that time, “we would have adopted a number of the projects under the Citizen Security Programme presently going on, namely the US$15M IDB (Inter-American Development Bank) project and by that time too will be implemented the very important British Security Sector Reform Project.”

According to the public security minister, “These projects have of today taken on board the dynamics of an oil sector industry being established and that which will come with that kind of industry.”

He disclosed too that the British Security expert, Russell Combe, currently in Guyana for that reform project has “mentioned to me that indeed there will be tremendous interest in a variety of activities because of the bigger set of money that will come in as a result of oil revenues, it might attract darker sides, individuals, characters and companies.”

Mr. Ramjattan is confident however that by 2020 “we are going to be in a far better position that we are in today.”

Planning Unit

He told OilNOW the Guyana Police Force will also shortly be establishing a Strategic Planning Unit to deal specifically with potential crimes to be associated with the oil and gas sector.

“We are going to train members of that unit for purposes of being prepared for all these other types of crimes that can happen during an oil sector boom of the economy and what it entails,” he stated.

He said too the administration is placing high on its agenda the strengthening of its river patrols and coastguard, “so that we can be in a better position to understand what’s happening within our river areas.”