Repsol Campus
Mendez Alvaro, 44
28045 Madrid Spain
Tele No: (+34) 917538100/ 917538000
Website: www.repsol.energy

Repsol is a Spanish company from Spain formed in October 1987 by the National Institute of Hydrocarbons as a result of the reorganization of the Spanish oil sector and adaptation to changes at a global level. Their activities include exploration, production, transport and refining of oil and gas. They got their name from the lubricant brand Repesa as it was well known and easy to pronounce in different languages. Between January and June of 1999, Repsol acquired 97.81% of Argentina’s YPF S.A., which resulted in a more balanced and better positioned multinational company. In 2015, they acquired 100% of the Canadian oil company Talisman Energy for 8.3 billion US dollars (6.64 billion euros), plus debt. The transaction turned Repsol into one of the world’s largest energy companies, with operations in more than 50 countries and more than 27,000 employees. It also reinforced Repsol as an integrated company with a more balanced and competitive business model, thanks to an improved asset portfolio with the incorporation of many quality assets in geopolitically stable countries. It was then the time for the company to set forth a new strategy focused on the sustainable creation of value. The Repsol Campus, their corporate headquarters, was opened on January 31st, 2013 which employs thousands and encourages a collaborative work environment. The company currently operates working interests in our neighbouring Trinidad and Tobago oil and gas industry and Brazil.

Antonio Brufau Niubó Chairman of Repsol

Antonio Brufau Niubo has been Chairman of Repsol since 2004. His extensive experience in the business world and his expertise in the energy sector have enabled him in the last decade to lead the company’s transformation process towards a more global and integrated model. Repsol boasts assets in 40 countries and is present across the entire oil and gas value chain, from the exploration and production of hydrocarbons to their transformation and marketing. Antonio Brufau’s ties to Repsol date back to 1996, when he joined the Board of Directors. He remained a company director until he was appointed chairman on October 27th, 2004. Antonio Brufau has a degree in Economics from the University of Barcelona and was named Doctor Honoris Causa by the Ramon Llull University in Barcelona. He began his professional career at Arthur Andersen, where he became Partner and Director of Auditing. In 1988, he joined “la Caixa” Group as Deputy Managing Director, where he was also the Managing Director between 1999 and 2004. Moreover, he was Chairman of the Gas Natural Group from 1997 to 2004. Antonio Brufau is member of the Board of Acción Empresarial of CEOE, Asociación Española de Directivos, Círculo de Economía, and Honorary Chairman of the Inter-Institutional Consortium GLOBALleida. Furthermore, he is a trustee of Fundación Privada Instituto Ildefons Cerdà, Fundación CEDE (Spanish Confederation of Directors and Executives), Real Instituto Elcano, FUNSEAM (Foundation for Energy and Environmental Sustainability), COTEC (Foundation for Technological Innovation), and Fundación Princesa Girona. He also serves as Chairman of Fundación Repsol. Antonio Brufau has been a Director of Repsol since he was first appointed by the Board of Directors on July 23rd, 1996 and was subsequently ratified at the Annual General Meeting held on June 6th, 1997. He was reelected at the Annual General Meetings held on March 24th, 1999, April 4th, 2003, May

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