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95 Duke Street, Kingston, Georgetown, Guyana

Telephone Numbers:
Switchboard: 231-2506-11 Minister’s Office: 231-2506-11 Ext 202

Ministry of Natural Resources

Minister of Natural Resources - Hon. Vickram Bharrat

Minister Vickram Bharrat

Mr. Vickram Bharrat was born in Berbice, Region 6 and attended the New Amsterdam Multilateral Secondary School. His academic achievement includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Guyana and is qualified in the area of Public Management with a wealth of experience in governance and managerial competencies.

About the Ministry of Natural Resources

The Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) as it is known was established on December 17, 2011 as the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment (MNRE) with a primary focus of harmonizing policy and management in the Natural resources-based sectors. However, following the appointment of the new Government in May 2015, the institutional structure of the MNRE changed and it became a Department of Natural Resources and Environment under the purview of the Ministry of Presidency. A second change occurred on January 18, 2016 which saw the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment transformed to into the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Document Centre

Petroleum Contracts

Agreement between Government of Guyana and EEPGL + CNOOC/NEXEN + HESS

Agreement between Government of Guyana and CGX Energy

Agreement between Government of Guyana and Ratio Energy

Agreement between Government of Guyana and Tullow/Eco Atlantic

Environmental Permits

Payara Environmental Permitt

Oil and Gas

Local Content Advisory Committee pending opposition nominee – Bharrat

Natural Resources Minister, Vickram Bharrat, has informed the National Assembly that the government is awaiting a nominee from the political opposition to move ahead with...

BP Oil wins one-year contract to market Guyana’s Liza crude

The United Kingdom’s BP Oil International Limited beat 13 competitors to win a one-year contract for the marketing of Guyana’s share of profit oil from the...

Guyana said it had fired energy consultant for corrupt practice under World Bank-funded project

The World Bank recently announced that it debarred, with conditional release, an individual consultant for being engaged in a corrupt practice under the Petroleum...

Guyana delivering over 10 million barrels of oil per month to world market racked by shortages

The radical re-organisation of energy markets continues to pose a challenging task, nine months after Russia first invaded Ukraine. At a time when these...

Guyana oil production hits highest recorded output in September

Guyana’s oil production hit a massive 391.98 thousand barrels of oil per day on September 23 this year, making it the highest output ever...

US$493M payout from Guyana’s third quarter oil sales, royalties gazetted

In keeping with a transparency mandate outlined in the Natural Resource Fund Act 2021, the government of Guyana has published in its official gazette,...

Gold and Minerals

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Petroleum Production License Highlights