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Husky operates in Western and Atlantic Canada, the United States and the Asia Pacific region, with Upstream and Downstream business segments.

The Company

Husky has two core businesses. Its Integrated Corridor operates in Western Canada and the United States, where thermal production is integrated with the Downstream business and supported by Western Canada operations. Offshore the Company is focused in the Asia Pacific and Atlantic regions.

The Company’s balanced growth strategy focuses on growing lower cost, higher margin production and returning value to shareholders.

Husky’s focus on safety helps to protect the public, its employees and contractors, the environment and its assets while providing for efficient and productive operations.

Along with rigorous occupational safety programs, Husky is driving continuous improvement in process safety.

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Husky pioneered the production of heavy oil in Western Canada. The Company has transformed this business with a focus on thermal technologies to further tap into the significant resource in place.

Lloyd Thermal Projects

The majority of Husky’s heavy oil assets are located in the Lloydminster region of Saskatchewan and Alberta.

The Company uses repeatable, modular construction templates to build its Lloyd thermal projects. Ten projects are now producing, including the Edam East, Vawn and Edam West developments which came online in 2016 and added 24,500 bbls/day of production.

Construction is underway at the 10,000 bbls/day Rush Lake 2 Lloyd thermal bitumen project, which is scheduled for startup in the first half of 2019. Three new 10,000 bbls/day thermal bitumen projects at Dee Valley, Spruce Lake North and Spruce Lake Central have been sanctioned. An additional 14 thermal bitumen projects, with a total design capacity of 110,000 bbls/day, have been identified for potential development.

The Company also uses cold heavy oil production with sand (CHOPS) methods in its heavy oil operations.

Tucker Thermal Project

Husky is optimizing the reservoir at Tucker, including the Colony formation which came onto production in 2016. Production is expected to ramp up towards 30,000 bbls/day in 2018.

Tucker is located about 30 kilometres northwest of Cold Lake, Alberta.

Sunrise Energy Project

Sunrise, located 60 kilometres northeast of Fort McMurray, Alberta began production in 2015.

Husky operates Sunrise and its partner operates the jointly-owned BP-Husky Toledo Refinery near Toledo, Ohio, where bitumen from Sunrise is processed.

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Husky’s downstream operations are integrated with its thermal production, allowing for increased margin capture. The Company’s upgrading and refining operations in Canada and the United States focus on improving the flexibility of its feedstocks, the products it makes and the markets it accesses.


Lloydminster Upgrader

Located in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, the Upgrader converts heavy oil to a high-quality, low-sulphur synthetic oil. It also produces diesel fuel.

Feedstock for the Upgrader includes heavy oil from Saskatchewan and northeastern Alberta, including from Husky’s Lloyd thermal projects and the Tucker Thermal Project. The synthetic crude is used in the production of gasoline and diesel fuels in refineries in Canada and the U.S.

Byproduct sulphur is sold and used to produce fertilizer and various chemicals, including sulphuric acid. Byproduct petroleum coke is sold for use in fuel boilers or cement kilns, as well as into the calcining market for use in the aluminum industry.

Asphalt Refinery

The Husky Asphalt Refinery is located in Lloydminster, Alberta and produces more than 30 different types and grades of road asphalt from heavy oil. These range from road oils used for dust abatement to highway-grade asphalt.

It also produces a condensate that is blended with heavy oil production, a kerosene distillate and gas oil which is processed at the Upgrader into low-sulphur diesel and Husky synthetic blend.

Pipeline Systems

Husky has a 35 percent interest in the Husky Midstream General Partnership, which owns about 1,900 kilometres of pipeline in the Lloydminster region of Alberta and Saskatchewan, as well as 4.1 million barrels of storage capacity at Hardisty, Alberta and Lloydminster, and other ancillary assets.

The Company operates the assets.

Prince George Refinery

The light oil refinery in Prince George, British Columbia produces low-sulphur gasoline and ultra-low sulphur diesel fuel, mixed propane and butane, and heavy fuel oil. Its refined products are used by Husky and other retail outlets in the central and northern regions of the province.

Ethanol Plants

Husky has ethanol plants in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan and Minnedosa, Manitoba and produces approximately 260 million litres of ethanol per year.

About 260,000 tonnes of dried distillers grain with solubles, which is produced with the ethanol, is sold as a high-protein feed supplement for livestock.

In 2012, Husky began capturing carbon dioxide at the Lloydminster Ethanol Plant to reduce emissions and aid in enhanced heavy oil recovery.

Comodity Marketing

Husky trades energy-based commodities and refined products, coordinates related logistics and markets the Company’s proprietary and third-party production of crude oil, synthetic crude oil, natural gas liquids, natural gas, sulphur and petroleum coke.


Lima Refinery

The Husky Lima Refinery, located in the PADD II district in Lima, Ohio, processes light crude oil. A crude oil flexibility project underway is expected to increase heavy oil processing capacity to 40,000 bbls/day by the end of 2018. As of the end of 2016, about 10,000 bbls/day of heavy crude could be processed.

The refinery produces gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, residual fuels and petrochemical feedstocks. The two billion gallons of refined petroleum products produced annually include approximately 25 percent of the gasoline consumed in Ohio.

Toledo Refinery

Husky has a 50 percent ownership in the BP-operated refinery, located in the PADD II district in Toledo, Ohio. It processes bitumen from the joint-venture Sunrise Energy Project.

The refinery produces gasoline, diesel, aviation fuels, propane, kerosene and asphalt.

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Husky is focused on resource plays in Western Canada. Its portfolio is more than 70 percent gas-weighted, providing a supply and natural hedge for the Company’s energy requirements at its thermal projects and refineries.

The Wilrich formation in the Ansell and Kakwa areas and the Montney formation in the Wembley and Karr areas are being targeted.The Company also owns and operates the Rainbow Lake Gas Processing Plant and the Ram River Sour Gas Plant. A co-generation facility at the Rainbow Lake plant is 50 percent owned by Husky and produces electricity for sale into the Alberta grid and thermal energy for the facility.