Eaglerise Launches “All in 1” LED Driver Integrated Dimming Solution

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FOSHAN, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Eaglerise announced “All in 1” LED driver, a new product. It provides a new approach to provide an efficient, versatile, and easy-to-integrate lighting power supply solution to meet the needs of modern lighting systems.

“All in 1” LED driver integrates DALI/0-10/PWM/resistance dimming and NFC function, meeting needs for diverse dimming modes and adapting to lights with different power. Developed based on a digital platform, this product enjoys excellent performance and precise control through integrated functions. It allows real-time reading of energy consumption and driver data, and supports full-voltage input (100-277V), providing a universal, efficient, intelligent, and highly cost-effective solution.

This LED driver is user-friendly, allowing users to switch dimming modes easily, thus improving the user experience. It enables efficient operation through integrated dimming functions and digital control technology. Aided by the real-time reading of energy consumption, it is more intelligent and convenient. Moreover, it guarantees more flexible lighting control, which helps reduce energy consumption and enhance cost-effectiveness.

It adopts the third generation semiconductor technology for development, coming with a smaller size and higher working efficiency, which makes it superior to similar products. In addition, this product applies some recyclable materials and efficient designs to be more green and eco-friendly, contributing to sustainable development.

Thanks to multiple innovative dimming functions of this single product, this product is more cost-effective than similar products. Therefore, we just need to increase its production volume instead of producing various models with a single function to satisfy the market demand for LED driver products.

Eaglerise has been focusing on the research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of lighting power supply products for more than 20 years, covering home lighting, commercial lighting, outdoor lighting and other lighting scenarios. Eaglerise is committed to providing customers around the world with more efficient, smarter, and greener LED driver power supplies and lighting solutions.


Foshan Eaglerise Power Science & Technology (Shunde) Co.,Ltd.

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