HD Hyundai to Showcase Xite Innovation Beyond Time and Space at CES 2024

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  • A future construction site with autonomous technology will be presented at HD Hyundai’s booth (Exhibit 4517).
  • CES booth is twice the size of last year’s with future equipment activities to experience.
  • Portraying confidence of being at the forefront to transform the global market dynamic in the midst of a digital paradigm shift.
  • “Will continue to lead technological innovation to build infrastructure that will shape a more sustainable future for humanity.”

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–HD Hyundai will showcase its technological innovation for future infrastructure construction that goes beyond time and space at CES 2024.

The company’s 10,994-square-foot booth, nearly twice the size of the booth at CES 2023, will be open Jan. 9–12 and is located in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Exhibit 4517 in the West Hall.

The main theme HD Hyundai has set for this year is “Xite Transformation,” a site vision which aims to solve pressing challenges humanity is facing such as safety, security, supply chain issues, climate change and more. To demonstrate this vision, the company’s booth will be a living blueprint of what future construction sites will look like, including its proprietary autonomous technology.

The booth will highlight three main zones: Future Xite, Twin Xite and Zero Xite. An HD Hyundai expert will perform a remote control demonstration of a wheel loader located in Atlanta — nearly 2,000 miles from the Las Vegas Convention Center. Additionally, the booth will feature a remote control wheel loader simulator and a Virtual Reality Twin simulation where visitors can experience future construction sites in person.

A 60-foot-high, 15-foot-wide LED screen will display an autonomous job site that creates optimized operations and presents fleet and safe machine management features using analyzed site information collected through artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies.

A 15-foot-tall unmanned wheel excavator will greet visitors as they enter the booth. The excavator features a cabless design, a radar sensor and smart AAVM (All-Around View Monitoring) camera system that registers nearby obstacles and minimizes the potential for accidents while moving autonomously. It is also equipped with four individual wheels that enable the machine to climb steep hills and reduce the need for operators to work in harsh sites that may be potentially dangerous. These innovative enhancements designed with safety and efficiency in mind truly make the excavator a machine for the future.

With the technologies it is exhibiting at CES 2024, HD Hyundai is working to lead the construction industry by prioritizing opportunities in future technology fields like autonomous equipment that are still in the early stages of development.

HD Hyundai has been a top global player in advanced technologies and was the first to present 5G remote control across countries for construction equipment in 2018. In 2019, the company successfully demonstrated Concept-X, the comprehensive unmanned and automated construction site solution which oversees all operations at site from survey to fleet management.

A representative of HD Hyundai said, “Our booth at CES 2024 will let people see and experience different smart construction solutions for future sites in one single place and showcase our expertise in technological innovation for infrastructure construction that will shape a more sustainable future for humanity.”

HD Hyundai Vice Chairman and CEO Kisun Chung will give a keynote speech at CES 2024 on Wednesday, Jan. 10 at 9 a.m. The keynote will be given at the Venetian hotel in the Palazzo Ballroom on Level 5. HD Hyundai is the only Korean company to speak at this year’s keynote stage.

Appendix: What to expect at the three different themed zones.

1. Future Xite

Future Xite will introduce autonomous solutions that will help solve issues at construction sites, such as the lack of skilled workforce, low productivity and dangerous working environments. A 15-foot-tall cabless excavator and future autonomous construction site features such as drone-based site analysis can also be found here.

2. Twin Xite

Twin Xite will present future construction solutions that are no longer restricted by time and space as it utilizes remote control and site simulations created with digital twin technology. Visitors will be able to experience activities such as Smart Site Management, which uses a digital platform for users to discover and solve issues on land and sea. They will also be able to remotely control equipment using a simulator within the Twin Xite zone along with VR Twin, which displays the future work sites that HD Hyundai envisions.

3. Zero Xite

Zero Xite will represent HD Hyundai’s efforts to realize an era of zero-carbon emissions. There will be a large curved screen which will show an eco-friendly energy value chain that focuses on the global efforts to reach zero emissions. How HD Hyundai produces, supplies and utilizes energy can be seen all together through the process of how hydrogen and electric energy is produced, shipped and utilized from ocean to land.


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