Mara Files Counter Claim in UK Defending Patent Infringement Allegations Made by DSM for Its Algal Lipid Technologies

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Initiates patent invalidation procedure for DSM patents at the European Patent Office

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mara Renewables Corporation, and its manufacturing partner Algal Omega-3 (AO3) announced today they have filed a counterclaim in the UK defending their algal lipid technologies in response to allegations levied by DSM for patent infringement. In addition, Mara has initiated a challenge to DSM Patents EP3530740B1 (EP 740) & EP2576801B1 (EP 801) for the fermentation and purification of microbial oil at the European Patent Office (EPO).

“Mara’s legal team has thoroughly assessed DSM’s assertions and consider them to lack merit,” said Dr. Mark Scaife, Mara’s Managing Director & Chief Operations Officer. “Mara has its own robust patent portfolio and respects the patent rights of others. Accordingly, Mara always strives to ensure its freedom to operate, and we believe DSM’s allegations to be misdirected. The validity of patents can be called into question when the owners of the intellectual property attempt to broadly assert their rights.”

Mara also asserts that the subject of the asserted DSM patents should not be eligible for patent protection as they were invalid, including for lack of novelty, obviousness, insufficiency, added matter and/or for claiming non-patentable subject matter.

“We are very proud to provide our clients and partners with innovative products underpinned by our proprietary processes and related intellectual property portfolio. Hence, we will vigorously defend and protect our freedom to operate and ensure our customers may continue to depend on Mara and AO3 for their supply of algal DHA omega-3 oils,” added Scaife.

Mara’s genesis in algal lipids dates to 2005 when they recognized the need for a high-quality, environmentally responsible, sustainable, and efficiently produced source of the omega-3 fatty acid docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). They have since developed technologies and intellectual property for their own best-in-class fermentation and extraction processes. Mara’s production and distribution capabilities are helping to fulfil the burgeoning market demand for algal-derived DHA.

“Mara’s depth and breadth of experience in the algal omega-3 research, development and commercialization space positions us well. We were one of a small number of technology pioneers focussed on the development and protection of novel processes for the production and extraction of high quality, clean label, compliant and sustainable algae derived omega-3s,” added Scaife.

About Mara

Based in Halifax, Canada, Mara Renewables is a world-class manufacturer and leading global supplier of its patented algal-derived omega-3 oil DHA. It meets the growing needs of plant-based and environmentally conscious brands and consumers, providing functional, innovative ingredients that improve human nutrition without depleting our planet’s most valuable natural resources. In 2021 alone, Mara supplied enough DHA-rich fatty acids to the nutritional supplement, and food and beverage markets to offset an estimated 7.3 billion fish (anchovy).


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