NIPPON KINZOKU has Commercialized Small-Diameter Tubes with “Inner Surface Precision”

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Achieved commercialization of inner diameter φ0.5mm and surface roughness Ra0.5μm or less

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–NIPPON KINZOKU CO.,LTD. (TOKYO: 5491) (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo) announced it has commercialized a “high-precision inner surface” small-diameter pipe (fine pipe) with an inner diameter of φ0.5mm.

High-precision inner pipes are manufactured by inserting a dice into the inner diameter and drawing. If the inner diameter is smaller, even if the dice is inserted, the thickness change during drawing and the behavior of the dice inside the pipe will not be stable, making it difficult to increase the precision of the inner surface. This time, we have established a new manufacturing method that produces a good inner surface even with an inner diameter of 0.5 mm. As a result, customers who require small-diameter, thick-walled pipes with high-precision inner surfaces can reduce the need for inner surface treatments such as polishing or coating, contributing to both cost reduction and resource conservation.

Outline of “Inner surface high precision” small diameter tube

1. Features


The inner surface roughness is greatly improved compared to conventional products.


The inner surface has a good shape close to a perfect circle.


The quality in the longitudinal direction is also stable, and there is no change in quality even when evaluating a 400m coil from the tip to the end every 100m.




2. Compatible steel grades and sizes

Steel type:

Austenitic stainless steel (SUS316L, SUS304, etc.)


Outer diameter: 1/32″ (φ0.79mm) to 1/16″ (φ1.59mm)



Inner diameter: φ0.50mm to φ1.25mm

Product form:

Coil or straight tube (L=Max 2,000mm, please inquire separately when longer over.)

We have received inquiries from manufacturers of measuring instruments and medical devices that require precise and smooth flow control for small-diameter tubes with high-precision inner surfaces, and we are providing samples and considering mass production.


Precision pipes (fine pipes) with the optimum quality (inner surface roughness, roundness, straightness, dimensional accuracy, etc.) according to the intended use are used as core parts in a wide range of fields.

Note : This document has been translated from a part of the Japanese original for reference purposes only. In the event of any discrepancy between this translated document and the Japanese original, the original shall prevail.


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