Peru presents its innovative offering of mining products and services

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LIMA, Peru–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Peru, a global leader in the mining industry, presents a reliable, innovative offering for the supply of specialized products and services for this important sector.

Peruvian businesses stand out for their ability to adapt to different projects, their technological development and competitive pricing. This makes them the ideal choice to take on the challenges of large and medium-sized underground and open-pit mining operations.

The product range includes equipment for mills, thickeners, wear parts, geo-membranes, pumping equipment, flotation reagents, general solutions, virtual reality simulators, among others. Peruvian suppliers have also embraced digitization as a way to significantly boost the sustainability and competitiveness of their products.

Peru is represented by the ‘Mine Peru Efficiency for Mining’ industry brand – the quality hallmark of the Peruvian Brand – designed to achieve a global positioning.

Through its offices abroad, the Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Exports and Tourism (PROMPERÚ) also supports Peruvian businesses by identifying new trends and opportunities in the industry, with a view to optimizing their offering based on global market needs.

In 2022 suppliers to the mining sector posted a positive result in excess of US$ 521.5 million.

Exports to South-American markets account for almost half of all exports of the mining supply industry. In the last 5 years the share of deliveries to the region has hovered between 43% and 51%.

The top 13 destination markets account for 80% of exports. In this group, Canada recorded the strongest growth (+115.7 %), with a share of 1.8 %, followed by Panama, the Netherlands and the United States.

Notably, PROMPERÚ will open registrations to international buyers in the mining industry for the Industria Perú business forum to be held in September in Arequipa as part of the PERUMIN mining convention.

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