AMI reaffirms over 20-billion-barrel boe at Stabroek Block, Guyana’s growing gas potential

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In an exclusive interview with OilNOW on Wednesday on the sidelines of the International Energy Conference, Arthur Deakin, Co-Director of America’s Market Intelligence energy practice reaffirmed the latest estimate for the Stabroek Block to be well over 20 billion barrels of oil equivalent resources.

“We expect it to be more than 20 billion barrels of oil equivalent. And I think is also very important to consider the amount of gas that has been discovered. So, there’s been mention of 16 trillion cubic feet or at least 20 percent of the resource at Stabroek Block being gas. That’s tremendous,” Deakin told OilNOW.

He pointed out that Guyana is not going to have enough energy demand locally to utilize that volume of gas. “So, there is a great opportunity for it to become an exporting hub to other countries in the region and abroad.”

Deakin is slated to do a presentation on the energy sector outlook regarding renewables at the International Energy Conference on Wednesday.

The event wraps up on Friday.


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