Border controversy: China stays neutral but says it respects boundaries

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Amid growing concerns about Venezuela’s growing aggression towards Guyana, questions arose regarding China’s stance on supporting Maduro’s claim and the fear of a potential invasion.

In response to these queries, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin emphasized China’s impartial stance, reiterating its commitment to respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all nations. 

Webinsaid “China always supports the two countries in properly settling the issue of demarcation of their boundary through friendly consultation. This is in the interests of the people of both countries and conducive to the stability, cooperation and development of Latin America and the Caribbean.” 

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China and Guyana have long shared close diplomatic relations. China’s national oil company CNOOC is a partner in the Stabroek block, located in the zone Venezuela is laying claim.

The recent surge in hostilities originated from Venezuela following Guyana’s announcement of its bid round results. Over the past months, Maduro and Venezuela’s Defence Minister, Vladímir Padrino López, issued threats via communiques, targeting oil companies, supporters of Guyana, and Guyana itself. In contrast, Guyana has placed its trust in the World Court to deliver a final resolution to the dispute, urging Venezuela to honor its obligations under the United Nations Charter, emphasizing the pursuit of peaceful means to settle any controversy.

Refrain from provocation and warmongering – OAS Chief tells Venezuela | OilNOW

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) had previously stipulated that Venezuela must abstain from actions jeopardizing Guyana’s administration and control of the Essequibo territory. However, in defiance of this ruling, Maduro unveiled a revised map on Tuesday, incorporating the Essequibo region. Alongside this move, he outlined directives for establishing administrative bodies responsible for resource exploration and proposed legislation for environmentally protected zones in the area.

Reacting to Maduro’s actions, Guyana swiftly notified the United Nations Security Council, labeling Maduro’s regime’s act as egregious. UN Secretary-General António Guterres emphasized the binding nature of the ICJ decisions, urging both nations to adhere to the Court’s orders and honor their obligations under the UN Charter.


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