Border controversy: Planning for all eventualities, Guyana to see visits from U.S. Department of Defence – VP 

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Guyana’s Vice President, in a press conference on November 23, announced impending visits from U.S. Department of Defense officials next week, underscoring the country’s commitment to exploring all options in the escalating controversy with neighboring Venezuela.

With tensions mounting between Georgetown and Caracas, exacerbated by Venezuela’s scheduled December 3 poll to consider annexing the Essequibo region, Guyana remains resolute in its stance against intimidation tactics from Venezuela.

“We never threatened the peace; Venezuela has been the aggressor” – Jagdeo | OilNOW

Vice President Jagdeo asserted Guyana’s unwavering dedication to preserving peace within its borders while actively engaging with allies to prepare for all potential scenarios.

Guyana’s Vice President, Bharrat Jagdeo, speaking at a press conference on Friday, April 29, in Georgetown. (Office of the President photo)

“We are interested in maintaining peace in our country and in our borders, but we are going to be working with our allies to ensure that we plan for all eventualities,” Jagdeo emphasized.

While affirming Guyana’s reluctance for military bases, Jagdeo stressed the necessity of protecting national interests, signaling ongoing defense cooperation with multiple nations as a strategic imperative.

Referendum on Essequibo “must be suspended” – Maduro’s main presidential challenger | OilNOW

“All the options available for us to defend our country will be pursued. Every option,” he said. 

Venezuela’s recent provocations included threats towards participating oil companies in the country’s bid round and individuals supporting Guyana, issued through communiques from President Maduro and Venezuela’s Defense Minister, Vladímir Padrino López, over the past two months.

In contrast, Guyana has placed its faith in the International Court of Justice’s forthcoming ruling, urging Venezuela to honor its obligations under the United Nations Charter, specifically advocating for peaceful conflict resolution. The World Court is expected to deliver a verdict soon on Guyana’s petition for provisional measures to prevent Venezuela’s vote on December 3.


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