bpTT achieves milestone in ‘Small Pools’ drilling campaign

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In a significant milestone for bpTT, the energy company has announced the successful completion of the first phase of its ambitious “small pools” drilling campaign. Launched in October 2022, the campaign focuses on accessing smaller gas accumulations near existing infrastructure, allowing for efficient production and faster deployment of resources. The completion of the initial phase marks a crucial step forward in bpTT’s commitment to maximising gas resources in the Columbus Basin and meeting Trinidad and Tobago’s gas supply commitments.

The first phase of the program involved the drilling of three wells in the Mango field, one well in the Savonette field, and three wells in the Angelin field. Notably, bpTT said all three wells in the Mango field have been safely completed and are currently in production. With the third well gradually ramping up, the combined production from the Mango wells is estimated at approximately 180 million standard cubic feet per day (mmscfd).

bpTT hits first gas at Cassia C Project | OilNOW

The “small pools” drilling campaign employs a combination of sidetracks of existing wells and access to new exploration segments that have not been previously produced. This strategy enables bpTT to efficiently tap into smaller gas resources in close proximity to their existing infrastructure, reducing time to production. The success of the program can be attributed to meticulous seismic data re-processing, interpretation, and detailed well planning, which have provided positive results thus far.

To execute the drilling program, bpTT contracted the Joe Douglas Jack up rig, which is presently stationed at the Savonette platform. The rig is scheduled to commence drilling the next well in the campaign, further advancing bpTT’s efforts to extract gas from these smaller pools.

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Expressing his enthusiasm, bpTT President David Campbell stated, “The successful completion of the wells in our Mango field is great news for bpTT and for Trinidad and Tobago. It demonstrates our continued commitment to developing resources in our existing shallow water acreage in the Columbus Basin. Our goal is to find and recover as much of the gas resources as we can, small or large, and particularly those that can be quickly brought into existing infrastructure.”

Campbell emphasized that each successful well contributes to stemming declines in mature gas fields while enabling bpTT to meet its gas supply commitments to the National Gas Company (NGC) and Atlantic, bolstering the country’s energy security.


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