“Bringing Opposition & Gov’t together is my first task” – newly elected PSC Chairman

Desmond Sears, newly elected Chairman of Guyana's Private Sector Commission (PSC) speaks with OilNOW at the PSC's Annual General Meeting on June 21, 2018.

Guyana’s Private Sector Commission (PSC) on Thursday elected a new Chairman and Executive body at its Annual General Meeting held at the Marriott Hotel in Georgetown.

OilNOW spoke with the newly elected Chairman, Desmond Sears, who said a key area of focus for him will be to double the PSC’s efforts in trying to forge a healthier and more productive relationship between the Guyana government and the main Opposition Party.

“I want to look at dialogue. We should have collaboration between the government and the political opposition. It is important because as much as we talk about the oil discoveries and how Guyana will grow, we truly need all partners to be on board if this is to be realised,” he told OilNOW.

Mr. Sears said to further this type of dialogue and collaboration between the main political parties is his passion and will be treated as a top priority. “As a Guyanese I really want to make sure that all of us benefit. There is no room for talk now; it’s action. One of my main roles I think is to see if I can get those parties together,” he said.

The newly elected Executive comprises Deodat Indar, Vice-Chairman, Komal Singh, Secretary and Zulifkar Ali, Treasurer.


  1. Very good reasoning Mr Sears. Both parties stand to benefit from oil sales when it starts to flow. They must join hands to improve the infrastructure for the entire country. Ensure the elderly are properly taken care of, for example free bus rides for pensioners. Read Maslow’so theory about man’s lower needs and higher needs. Give special attention to maternity health. I mention these because I know the population of Guyana is very small com pared to the size of the country. FINALLY DO YOUR UTMOST TO REDUCE INFLATION.

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