Builder of Guyana FPSOs hits major milestone with new energy solutions in France

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SBM Offshore has hit a new milestone under its Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Installation scope. The company announced on Thursday that it has successfully installed three floating wind units for the Provence Grand Large pilot project located 17 kilometers off the Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône, near Marseille, France.

Provence Grand Large is the first project in the world to use a tension leg floater developed by SBM Offshore in cooperation with IFP Energies Nouvelles. SBM Offshore’s floater results in reduced motion and stress on the turbine components, making it compatible with all wind turbines. The company said the minimal footprint of this type of floater represents also an optimal solution for the development of floating wind farms.

“The anchoring system installation and hook-up of the floaters were managed and executed using our construction vessel Normand Installer,” the company said, adding that the subsea cables will be installed from the floaters to the Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône station, with first electron anticipated early 2024 following a testing period.

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The 25MW pilot farm is composed of three tension leg floaters, each supporting 8.4MW wind turbine generator supplied by Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy.

“These are the most powerful turbines installed offshore in France today,” SBM Offshore said.

Provence Grand Large is expected to produce the equivalent of the annual electricity consumption of 45,000 inhabitants.

SBM Offshore said this project is a testimony of its commitment to the energy transition, reducing emissions and developing new energy solutions.

The Provence Grand Large project is the first floating wind project to be built in France. The project is intended to demonstrate that offshore floating wind farms can become economically viable.

Increased activity on Guyana FPSOs, rising variation orders counterbalance H1 revenue dip – SBM Offshore 

SBM Offshore has been contracted by ExxonMobil to build floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) units for its projects offshore Guyana. To date, two FPSOs – Liza Destiny and Unity – are producing oil, with a third – Payara – set to come online before the end of this year. A fourth vessel – One Guyana – is currently under construction in Singapore. Additionally, Exxon has signed a memorandum of understanding with SBM Offshore, for the construction of a multi-purpose floater hull which is expected to be targeting another development offshore Guyana.  


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