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Exxon in search of Quayside and Laydown Area on West Bank of Demerara River

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ExxonMobil affiliate Esso Exploration and Production Guyana Limited (EEPGL) has put out a Request for Information (RFI) seeking detailed operational and technical information from suppliers for meeting its bid selection requirements for a Quayside and Laydown Area on the west bank of the Demerara River.

The company said it plans to put in place an enabling agreement with a supplier who currently has a well-developed Quayside and Laydown area since it does not plan to develop a new facility. Quayside and Laydown areas with minor upgrades needed will be considered.

The location of the facility must have direct road access, free of obstacles, and appropriate surface for parking. It must be able to accommodate large barges and have offloading equipment such as excavators and cranes available. The quayside must also have an established dredged channel to the river’s main shipping channel.

The company said the facility must have a developed laydown area in close proximity to quays and storage area for materials and equipment (minimum 5 acres or 20,300 m2).

The facility must have a fully finished surface and equipped with a drainage system to avoid flooding and be fully equipped with appropriate fencing, lighting, and security cameras as needed. It must be equipped with a security hut, washrooms for male/female, and a designed shaded waiting area. It must also be equipped with separate access for both entrance and exit and a muster point and fire extinguisher for security hut. The supplier will also be tasked with coordinating all aspects of maintenance and repair of the Quayside facility.

Local Content

EEPGL said during the bid process, prospective contractors are responsible for providing a local content plan and, upon bid award, accepted contractors must implement this plan within 60 days.

Contractors are expected to give fair and adequate opportunity and first consideration to the purchase of Guyanese goods and materials, provided such goods and materials are available on a timely basis and are of the quality and in the quantity required by the contractor at competitive prices.

The contractor is expected to prepare and implement a program to give fair and adequate opportunity and first consideration for employment of Guyanese nationals having appropriate qualifications and necessary experience to perform job responsibilities commensurate with its scope of work.

The contractor will also be expected to engage, and actively collaborate with, the Centre for Local Business Development. The Centre’s role is to facilitate communication between suppliers, contractors and subcontractors, with a goal to build the capacity of Guyanese small and medium enterprises. The Centre maintains a Supplier Registration Portal and is able to provide lists of various Guyanese goods and services, for a contractor’s use.

The deadline for submission of the RFI is September 16.

EEPGL is currently seeking authorization from the Environmental Protection Agency for an onshore natural gas liquids and natural gas processing plant (NGL plant) which is expected to be located at the Amsterdam/Vriesland area on the West Bank Demerara. This is in support of the Guyana government’s gas-to-energy project. The company has also applied for authorization for the construction of a 220km offshore 12-inch pipeline from the Liza Phases 1 and 2 floating production, storage, and offloading (FPSO) vessels, the Liza Destiny and Unity. That pipeline would extend to La Jalousie/Nouvelle Flanders, West Coast Demerara.

There is also a provision for an onshore 12-inch pipeline, approximately 27km long, commencing North of the proposed NGL plant site and extending through and near several villages along the West Coast of Demerara and the West Bank of Demerara, until it meets the offshore pipeline.

The applications also include a temporary materials offloading facility at Amsterdam/Vriesland, including support works such as dredging, in-water construction activities, road construction, road improvements and post-construction restorative works around the entire proposed project area.


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