Exxon still to determine exact location of 35-well campaign in Stabroek Block

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The precise location of new drilling prospects in ExxonMobil’s 35-well Stabroek Block campaign is yet to be determined. The all-clear was given on July 4

In its updated Cumulative Impact Assessment (CIA), Exxon said that the majority of the wells will be drilled for exploration purposes. However, a few appraisal wells, in proximity to old exploration wells, are also being targeted. 

“If discoveries are found at particular locations, subsequent wells could be drilled in the same area to further assess the potential commerciality of the discoveries,” the CIA states. “Priorities and schedules could, therefore, change. EEPGL will continue to submit the well information necessary to obtain approval for an operations permit from the EPA before the respective spud dates.” 

Major increase in traffic expected at main Guyana harbour with Exxon’s planned 35-well campaign – CIA | OilNOW 

Exxon said the drilling process of these wells will be similar to prior exploration campaigns and may include mobilisation, drilling, ancillary processes (possibly including sidetracks, well tests, and/or Vertical Seismic Profiles [VSP]), and demobilisation. 

The wells will be drilled in a yet-to-be-determined order. The timing of the initial well and the interval between wells will depend on results and prioritisation with other activities offshore Guyana. The specific features and activities for each well are still being finalised. 

Major 35-well campaign could generate more revenues for Guyana; earnings now in excess of $720 billion | OilNOW 

Exxon and its partners, Hess and CNOOC had identified 10 drill targets for 2023: these include Tarpon Fish-1 in the northwest corner of the Stabroek Block and the Lancetfish-1, a deep play exploration well, located approximately 2.5 miles northeast of the Fangtooth SE-1 well. There is also the Basher well, which will target a deep prospect in the Fangtooth area and a well called Blackfin, which will penetrate an updip upper prospect east of the Barreleye discovery. These fall under its current 25-well campaign. 

The new campaign will begin later this year and will potentially unlock further resources to add to the 11 billion barrels of oil equivalent Exxon has discovered thus far. 


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