ExxonMobil Guyana to establish coastal telecommunications station for gas pipeline operations

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ExxonMobil Guyana Limited (EMGL) has announced plans to establish a telecommunications coastal station in the Georgetown area to support operations related to the Gas-to-Energy pipeline. The station aims to facilitate communication and monitoring efforts crucial for pipeline operations and safety measures.

In a Request for Information (RFI), the company outlined the scope of the project, seeking suppliers capable of providing a mounting location for two Vesper Guardian (VG) systems. 

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The selected supplier will be responsible for supplying power, Ethernet connectivity (if available), and security measures for the VG systems, in addition to ensuring reasonable access for installation and maintenance activities related to the systems.

EMGL has specified preferred mounting requirements for the coastal station, including a height of approximately 20 meters above mean sea level. The desired location for the station is within the Georgetown or Vreed-en-Hoop area, with an unobstructed view north of the ocean and proximity to the seawall to facilitate operations effectively.

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The Gas-to-Energy project aims to establish infrastructure for transporting natural gas from the offshore Stabroek block’s Liza oilfield to the Wales facility. This project is expected to deliver gas to the government for power generation and other forms of commercialization. Government plans to cut the cost of electricity to consumers by 50%, once the plant starts running, switching out heavy fuel oil (HFO) for the less-polluting natural gas. 

The project is expected to be completed in early 2025.


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