GO-NDE becomes second IRATA-certified Guyanese company

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GO-NDE Inc., a joint venture partnership between Guyana Oil and Gas Support Services Inc. and Non Destructive Testers Guyana Inc., announced that it has successfully completed its International Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) audit and has been granted probationary operator membership.

Nicholas Deygoo-Boyer, Director of GO-NDE told OilNOW: “We are very proud of this accomplishment. It’s been very hard work to become the second IRATA-approved Guyanese rope access company. We continue to invest in this in order to get more Guyanese employment in these specialty trades, thereby increasing local content.”

Earlier this year, Panthera Solutions said it was the first company to achieve IRATA certification in the country.

Probationary membership is granted to GO NDE Inc. upon the successful completion of the initial audit of its rope access management system. This membership is valid for one year and serves as a stepping stone toward full membership, which will be granted following a subsequent audit that verifies the implementation of the documented system.

To obtain membership, GO-NDE Inc. said it had to ensure the development, implementation, and review of a comprehensive rope access management system in accordance with the International Code of Practice (ICOP) set forth by IRATA. This system adheres to industry standards and guarantees compliance, safety, and efficiency in rope access operations.

GO-NDE said the probationary audit conducted by IRATA resulted in an outstanding outcome, with zero non-conformances identified. This remarkable achievement reflects GO NDE Inc.’s steadfast dedication to excellence and its meticulous adherence to rigorous safety protocols.

Looking ahead, GO-NDE Inc. has set its sights on pursuing training membership and aims to establish an IRATA certified training facility.

IRATA was established in the UK in the late 1980s to address maintenance challenges in the offshore oil and gas industry. Over the years, IRATA has developed industrial rope access techniques, making it the preferred method for accessing work areas in various sectors, including offshore oil and gas, construction, civil engineering, and more.


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