Guyana aiming to use oil wealth for the benefit of entire CARICOM region – President Ali

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Revenue from Guyana’s vast offshore hydrocarbon resources will be used to improve the prospects of the entire CARICOM region the country’s President, Dr. Irfaan Ali, affirmed on Monday in an address to the nation to mark his first year in office.

“Guyana is not aiming to become any powerhouse. We are not aiming to demonstrate or flex any muscle or power,” Mr. Ali said. “Our only aim is to enhance the prospect of all the people of this region so whatever resources Guyana gets from this oil and gas sector and all other sectors will redound to not only the benefit of all Guyanese but for all the people of CARICOM.”

He said in his eyes, CARICOM is made up of one people and there is no distinction between borders. The region has long sought to realise the true benefits of a single market and economy where nationals of all countries can move and work freely.

“There is no distinction in my eyes between the threat COVID-19 placed on all of us individually and collectively,” he pointed out. “And I would never try or attempt to make a distinction because that brings nothing or adds nothing to the equation.” Rather than creating the right environment, President Ali opined that it only serves to foster division, while adding, “And that will never be my style.”

Ali said he is first and foremost a citizen of Guyana and a citizen of CARICOM, of which both Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago are sister States. With this in mind, he said the prospects and opportunities in Guyana’s energy, agriculture, manufacturing, industrial, hospitality, and environmental sectors are also available for every investor in CARICOM.

On this note, the President reiterated, “So the future of Guyana is indeed bright, but that future will be shared with CARICOM.”


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