Guyana Port Inc: Anchored in growth, sailing towards the future in Guyana’s oil & gas sector

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Guyana Port Inc. embarked on a transformative journey, evolving from its humble beginnings to becoming a pivotal player in Guyana’s oil and gas sector. 

The company’s Managing Director, Pritipaul Singh Jr., reflected on this journey and outlined ambitious plans for expansion in tandem with the nation’s burgeoning oil industry in an interview with OilNOW.

“When Guyana Port Inc. first began, our operations were relatively unstructured,” Singh explained. “But as we embraced the opportunities presented by the oil and gas sector, we recognized the necessity for a strategic overhaul.”

Today, Guyana Port Inc. specializes in dry-docking and fabrication, with a renewed emphasis on rigorous standards and streamlined procedures. “Compliance and international standards have been at the forefront,” Singh proudly stated. The company holds ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 certifications, with ABS Class certified welders and procedures ensuring quality and safety.

Singh emphasized the role of the workforce in this transformation, highlighting stories of employees who have grown with the company. “Our commitment to self-improvement and support for each individual ensures that we are not just a company, but a community,” he said. 

Looking to the future, Guyana Port Inc. plans to construct a new floating drydock facility through its joint venture Demerara Docks Inc. “Securing financing for such a substantial project presents significant challenges,” Singh acknowledged. “But we are committed to demonstrating the strategic importance of this investment, not just to our economy but to the broader developmental goals of Guyana.” 

The facility, expected to be operational by late 2025 or early 2026, will greatly enhance the company’s support for the oil and gas sector. Preliminary studies and financial projections are complete, with funding currently being secured for the ambitious project.

Looking to the future, Guyana Port Inc. plans to construct a new floating drydock facility through its joint venture Demerara Docks Inc.

Concluding, Singh affirmed Guyana Port Inc’s commitment to sustainable and strategically sound expansion, aligning with the national vision for the oil and gas sector. 

He said Guyana Port Inc.’s journey exemplifies the potential for local companies to thrive in the rapidly growing oil and gas industry, contributing to both economic growth and community development.


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