Guyana Shore Base supporting government’s oil and gas training programmes

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The Guyana Shore Base Inc. (GYSBI) on Friday provided the Board of Industrial Training (BIT) with a financial contribution that will go towards the expansion and delivery of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET).

The cheque was received by the Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton, from GYSBI’s Human Resource Manager, Lilowtie Chintamani.

The financial contribution forms part of a larger plan for collaboration between the two entities, including but not limited to practical training and apprenticeships which will be geared towards upskilling local capacity for the oil sector.

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Mr. Hamilton said the government is aware that training programmes are now needed more than ever to ensure Guyanese citizens are given the right tools to work and participate in the oil and gas sector. As such, the Board has approached companies operating within the industry to explore partnerships and opportunities for collaboration to make this possible.

“I determined a few months ago that we needed the support of all kinds to do what we want to do [in terms of training] and that led to us drafting a list of oil and gas companies that we could engage and seek collaboration. Of the companies we sent letters to, you (GYSBI) are the first one to offer the kind of support we are looking for,” he said.

Deputy General Manager of GYSBI, Rabin Chandarpal, said the company is pleased to partner with the Ministry and BIT to advance its work since the company prides itself as a leader in developing local content and creating beneficial opportunities for Guyanese.

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“When you look at our operations, you can clearly see how the right training programmes have led to talented Guyanese men and women being able to take the lead in this industry. We have persons who started as riggers and banksmen and are now supervisors in many areas of our operations,” expressed Chandarpal. He said the company will always prioritise local content development to ensure Guyanese benefit from this sector.

Richard Maughn, Chief Executive Officer of BIT, said the board is grateful for the support received from GYSBI thus far and anticipates working with the company on the implementation of a Quality Apprenticeship programme at the soonest possible time.

The two entities have agreed to convene another meeting later to advance discussions on this.


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