Guyana tax agency introducing upgraded revenue management system

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The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) said it will be replacing the current tax administration software – TRIPS II with a new tax software Optimal Revenue Management System (RMS) In February 2021, to improve taxpayer convenience and internal operational efficiencies.

In a notice dated January 13, 2021, GRA said Optimal RMS is designed to improve taxpayers’ experience with the agency, while providing a convenient and intuitive online service.

“It is a powerful and flexible tool that brings together taxpayer information, transactions and communications within one user-friendly system,” GRA said. “This overhaul of tax administration uses trustworthy data and facilitates high quality and timely services to clients, which includes faster processing of refunds.”

GRA said this highly anticipated venture is expected to deliver improved interactions on tax operational services for both staff and taxpayers, where manual processing of applications will be a relic of the past.

“The online platform caters for all tax purposes, and taxpayers will be able to view their current tax status online and receive timely alerts on account events. Additionally, online communication with the agency will be boosted, allowing taxpayers to correspond effortlessly and submit queries,” GRA stated in the notice.

The upgraded revenue management system is being implemented as more companies move to start up and expand their operations in the new oil producing South American country.

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