Guyanese students learn about offshore exploration at public forum

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JHI Associates Inc. in collaboration with the American Chamber of Commerce Guyana (AMCHAM) on Tuesday held a forum in Georgetown targeting high school and university students on the geology and geophysics of oil exploration.

During the event held at Roraima Duke Lodge, officials of JHI delivered a presentation entitled ‘How did we arrive at first oil in Guyana? A JHI perspective’.

Utilising a combination of PowerPoint presentations, videos and oral delivery, the JHI team explained the various processes commencing with the rock formation and then progressing to the acquisition and analysis of data to determine which sites to drill and how that drilling takes place.

Richard Boyce, Executive Vice President and a Co-Founder of JHI gave the students, the majority of the whom came from Queen’s College and the Kingston Secondary School, practical exercises to perform during which they had to attempt to interpret seismic data.

“Whatever you set your mind to you can accomplish, and in this industry, there is room for men, women, people of all races…we are the most international industry in which you can involve yourself,” he said.

Boyce pointed out that with the training that they will eventually receive, they can become oil and gas workers in various parts of the world.

At the end of the session, persons in the audience had the opportunity to ask questions on various issues including raising capital for their Guyana investment, the interpretation of seismic data, the nature of oil bearing rock and sands, and measures to be put in place in case of an oil spill.

JHI Associates Inc. is a co-venturer in the offshore Canje block at which exploration drilling is expected to commence during 2020

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