Increased shorebase services will be needed for Liza Phase 2

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As plans continue for the much bigger Liza Phase 2 development project in Guyana, more opportunity will be created for shorebase facilities to service the rapidly expanding activities in the 6.6 million acres Stabroek Block.

The Liza field will be developed during Phase 2 with up to 33 wells drilled from two drill centers, each with separate production, gas, and water injection manifolds. Phase 1 is currently being developed with a total of 17 wells.

In addition to the offshore components, there will also be need for personnel to provide shorebase and marine logistical support onshore, some of whom will be Project-dedicated while others will be shared resources. The onshore logistical support staff will ramp up gradually through the mobilization and installation stage until reaching a peak during the development drilling campaign and FPSO/SURF installation activities.

Based on the proposed drilling programme, the Project will use up to two ships to drill the development wells. The Noble Bob Douglas is currently on contract with ExxonMobil to drill the 17 development wells for Liza Phase 1. Around 22 Guyanese are working on the Bob Douglas for this campaign.

As more development projects come on stream the need for services will continue to increase, thereby creating more opportunity for businesses. Guyanese companies partnering with experienced players in the industry and otherwise building their capacity will be best positioned to benefit from the growing opportunities in what is South America’s newest petroleum hot spot.

The US oil major is looking at 2022 as a potential start-up for Liza Phase 2, just 2 years after first oil for Guyana.


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