Laid-off sugar workers finding hope in Guyana’s petroleum industry

Guyanese being trained at the TOTALTEC Academy under the Oilfield Operator Program

Several sugar workers who lost their jobs when estates began closing in Guyana last year have now been given a second chance at acquiring new skills and gaining employment in the oil and gas industry through the operations of TOTALTEC Oilfield Services.

Seven former sugar workers were among 23 Guyanese whose training continued on Friday at the TOTALTEC Academy as part of the Oilfield Operator Program.

TOTALTEC is one of the investors in the Guyana Shore Base Inc., which has been contracted by ExxonMobil Guyana to provide shore base services.  In January the company signed a five-year contract with Aberdeen-based First Competence Ltd. to develop and deliver world class training at its Academy.

OilNOW spoke to some of the former sugar workers now training to be Oilfield Operators and this is what they had to say;