Liza Destiny FPSO sails in on tide of good fortunes for Guyana


Along with its arrival, the 120,000 bpd Liza Destiny FPSO has brought with it good tidings, hope and an opportunity for a brighter future for Guyana; a small country of just over 750,000 people, located on the northern tip of South America.

Director of the country’s Department of Energy, Dr. Mark Bynoe, on Monday evening said the historic arrival of the country’s first floating oil production complex, “heralds a tide of good fortunes which we must appreciate for both the magnificent engineering feat that [it] presents and the flood of opportunities and possibilities it presents for Guyana and Guyanese.”

The Energy Director made these remarks at a glowing Commemorative Reception hosted at the Guyana Marriott Hotel to mark the arrival of the vessel and the final round of preparations for oil production, now just months away.

“These revenues [from oil production] can be used to help our country to ultimately be transformed positively from an economic development perspective. It is imperative that as Guyanese we begin to appreciate that the direct and the indirect benefits that emanate from this sector go far beyond anything that we have seen thus far… The Department of Energy is bullish on ensuring that we extract the best value for our people,” he emphasized.

Dr. Bynoe said Guyana’s future is bright and has many prospects in store for young, industrious and innovative minds.

“We welcome Liza Destiny, our first FPSO to her home Guyana, along with her crew and staff. We congratulate ExxonMobil, Hess, CNOCC and all its contractors and partners as well as all those Guyanese agencies who helped to create this moment and this opportunity,” he said.

ExxonMobil Guyana Country Manager, Mr. Rod Henson expressed similar sentiments.

“We have so much to celebrate and a bright path ahead of us and I believe this partnership has its best and most productive decades ahead. I had the privilege 0f becoming the President of ExxonMobil’s Guyana affiliate here in 2017 and since then, I’ve come to know many people in Guyana well and I truly value the relationships I’ve formed here. They make me optimistic for the future of this unique and beautiful country,” he said.

Meanwhile, First Lady, Mrs. Sandra Granger, in her remarks, said that she was honoured to have been chosen to be ‘Godmother of the vessel’ and to be part of its “precocious” journey. The First Lady recalled that the vessel was refitted in two years, instead of the estimated five, and arrived in Guyana in record time.

She then commended the close collaboration between national and international agencies and partners in their endeavours to prepare Guyana for first oil.

“I would like to hope for the Liza Destiny, the partners and the crew, that it will bring us all the good things we anticipate; not only the profits and return of investment for Exxon and its partners, but also for the people of Guyana and in particular, our children a better quality of life, sustainable development and everything from which good oil will flow,” she stressed.