Local Content Secretariat inviting stakeholders to report grievances

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In seeking to understand the concerns of stakeholders when it comes to local content, Guyana’s recently established Local Content Secretariat has developed a grievance redress mechanism. Found on the website of the Secretariat, it is highlighted that the input from stakeholders will drive the body’s investigative and intervention methods.

On the grievance form persons are asked to share contact details, the name of their company, if any, details of their grievance – specifically how often it has occurred – as well as the desired outcome of the secretariat’s intervention.

The Local Content Secretariat, as provided for in the Local Content Act, is tasked with developing and maintaining measures for the effective implementation of local content by contractors, sub-contractors and licences; developing and implementing strategies that will give preference to or ensure equal treatment of Guyanese nationals and companies; conducting market analysis; making recommendations to the minister; developing formats for local content plans and reporting; developing guidelines, including those for local content reporting, procurement, big evaluation, training, research and development, partnership and joint ventures, and financial and insurance services.

In addition, the secretariat will be responsible for developing and maintaining the Local Content Register of qualified Guyanese nationals and/ or their companies. It will recommend for approval or refusal, local content master plans and local content annual plans and proposals for modifications to the master and annual plans. The Secretariat will develop auditing procedures and conduct regular audits for the purposes of monitoring and ensuring compliance with the legislation. It will also measure and report on the local content performance of contractors, sub-contractors or licensees.

Just last month, OilNOW reported that the Local Content Register became operationalised. On the heels of that news, a source from the Ministry of Natural Resources had commented, “The Ministry of Natural Resources has achieved a significant milestone towards the operationalisation of its local content secretariat. It’s important to note that only those registered with the secretariat will be considered as local content.”

The First Schedule of the Act carves out 40 different services for Guyanese participation via the supply of goods and the provision of services which include: food supply, rental of office space, accommodation, insurance, accounting and legal services.

Persons can find the grievance form by clicking this link.

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