Local trainee technicians shine in SBM Offshore’s advanced petroleum operations program

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In a significant milestone for the local workforce, twenty-four talented Guyanese have successfully completed the first phase of SBM Offshore Guyana’s Trainee Technician Programme in Advanced Skills Training in Petroleum Operations. 

The participants are now one step closer to obtaining international qualifications, preparing them for diverse technical roles on Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessels operating offshore Guyana. This achievement marks the second cohort of Guyanese trainees to benefit from this transformative program.

According to the company, the trainees embarked on the journey at LearnCorp International (LCI), a privately-owned institution operated by Cape Breton University in Nova Scotia, Canada. Over the past year, they underwent intensive theoretical and practical instruction in their respective disciplines, which encompassed Mechanics, Electrical, Instrumentation, and Production. 

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Several women trainees stood out for their exceptional performances. Among the distinguished awardees, Ms. Arantxa English received two accolades – the LCI Safety Award by Discipline and the LCI Most Improved Trainee by Discipline, both within the Electrical field.

Expressing her gratitude, Ms. English remarked, “I felt honored and blessed that I was granted this opportunity to experience the program, and I feel well-accomplished. I am grateful that they continue with putting out these programs because it is important for young Guyanese generations to be involved in this sector, as SBM Offshore has provided for us.”

Ms. Shannon Tungcap was awarded the title of Best Trainee per Discipline in the Mechanical field, while Ms. Selma Simon and Ms. Preya Singh received the LCI Safety Award by Discipline in their respective fields of Mechanics and Instrumentation.

SBM Offshore providing training opportunities for Guyanese to work on FPSOs | OilNOW 

Mr. Kester Tobin, who not only earned the title of Best Overall Trainee but also the SBM Offshore Operations Manager Award for Best Trainee per Discipline in the Electrical field, expressed how the program expanded his knowledge significantly. “I really appreciated this opportunity because it really helped me to grow overall, in terms of safety, teamwork – it was a real wonderful opportunity, and I believe that more youths should try to get into this program because it’s a very great program, you benefit a lot from it,” he commented.

During the ceremony, Mr. Ranieri Soares, Operations Manager of the Liza Unity FPSO, conveyed a message from SBM Offshore’s Group Human Resource Director, Ms. Anne Guerin-Moens, lauding the team for their excellent performances and emphasizing the company’s commitment to developing their capacity. He stated, “We are very committed to building local Guyanese, as the Local Content Act stipulates. We are very proud to be part of this development of the whole country, and you are now ready to embrace SBM Offshore’s core values, which are Integrity, Care, Entrepreneurship, and Ownership.”

SBM Offshore Guyana’s Human Resource Manager, Ms. Onecia Johnson, applauded the team for their exceptional achievements. She stated, “Your SBM Offshore family is delighted at your success and welcomes you to the team. We look forward to your return and the invaluable contributions you will make as you continue this journey within our operations.”

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The Trainee Technician Programme is one of several initiatives undertaken by SBM Offshore to build the capacity of Guyanese individuals to serve the local oil and gas sector. It is in alignment with the company’s Local Content commitments, aiming to upskill Guyanese talents and empower them to play a vital role in the region’s growing energy industry.


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