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Maersk Invincible sets new speed record for development well drilled by a jack-up

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On 2 December 2021, Maersk Invincible completed a record-breaking operation for Aker BP on the Hod B field as the rig set a new speed record for development wells drilled by a jack-up on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Maersk Invincible performed the B-8 drilling operation at a drilling speed of 397 m per day excluding logging, thereby surpassing a previous dry hole record of 356 m per day, set by Maersk Interceptor at the Ivar Aasen well D-12 in July 2017. In fact, the Invincible had already gone past this historic benchmark earlier in the campaign at Hod B.

“It does not get any better than this – literally and practically speaking! Amazing performance by the whole team!” says Mads Rødsjø, VP Drilling & Wells, Aker BP.

The Alliance brings speed

The new Norwegian record – possibly also the world record for dry hole drilling by a jack-up – is further proof of the value of the focus on One Team performance and improvements through collaboration in the Jack-up Alliance with Aker BP and Halliburton. By collaborating closely on detailed planning, identification of risks, and removal of inefficiencies, the alliance partners build the foundation for the rigs to provide truly stellar performances.

This is showcased by the fact that according to IHS Markit’s Rushmore database, seven of the ten fastest dry hole wells ever drilled by a jack-up in Norway have now all been drilled by Maersk Drilling as part of the Aker BP Jack-up Alliance!

In this context, the term dry hole, and metres per dry hole day, describes the time spent from picking up the first bottom hole assembly (BHA) until the last BHA is back at surface after having drilled the well. It does as such do not include time spent running completions or logging the well. The purpose of using the dry hole data point is to have a standard reference point for performance comparisons and benchmarking between operators.

“The synergies gained from working closely together with Aker BP and Halliburton over time are evident. Trust, transparency, inclusion and common goals – all of this makes everyone involved go the extra mile to deliver value to our fantastic customer and Alliance partner, Aker BP. We call it the Alliance mindset,” says Helge Talleraas, Alliance Performance Manager, Maersk Drilling.


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