Murray Auchincloss appointed as bp CEO following rigorous selection process

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Bp has announced the appointment of Murray Auchincloss as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with immediate effect, following a thorough and competitive four-month search process. Auchincloss, who has been serving as interim CEO since September 2023 after the resignation of Bernard Looney, will also continue as a member of the bp board. 

The decision was approved by the full bp board, with Helge Lund, bp’s chair, emphasizing Auchincloss as the standout candidate for the leadership role.

The comprehensive search process, supported by international search advisers, considered various candidates, both internal and external to bp. Helge Lund highlighted Murray Auchincloss’s qualifications, citing his strong leadership, performance focus, and in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the energy transition.

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In response to his appointment, Auchincloss expressed his honor to lead bp, emphasizing the company’s commitment to transforming from an international oil company (IOC) to an integrated energy company (IEC). He stressed the continuity of bp’s strategy and the significant value he believes the company can create.

Auchincloss, who previously served as bp’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) since July 2020, has a rich history with the company, having held various key positions, including CFO, deputy CFO, and head of business development for bp’s Upstream segment. Before joining bp’s board, he worked in roles spanning financial and planning responsibilities in Canada and the US.

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Murray Auchincloss, 53, joined Amoco Canada (a bp affiliate) in 1992 and has contributed significantly to bp’s growth and development throughout his career. His predecessor Looney’s departure followed investigations into a series of allegations concerning his conduct in personal relationships with company colleagues. 


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