New Guyana FPSOs to be built with Liza Unity’s record sustainable design – Exxon

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ExxonMobil has marked a milestone with the SBM Offshore built and operated Liza Unity floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel for its second oil development in the Stabroek Block offshore Guyana.

It was the first FPSO in the world to be awarded the SUSTAIN-1 notation for its sustainable design and operations. And with 10 FPSOs envisioned to develop the oil and gas resources in the Stabroek Block, Exxon plans to ensure upcoming vessels follow Liza Unity’s sustainable design.

The Stabroek Block holds close to 11 billion barrels of oil equivalent. And with the use of industry-leading technology, Exxon said it is working to develop, reliably produce and deliver energy resources from those barrels to the global market.

WATCH: Normand Installer vessel performing installation work for Liza Unity FPSO

But not only that, Exxon also has to deliver energy that meets global needs while also helping to reduce air emissions as the world aims to achieve net zero. With production vessels like the Liza Unity, the company would be on the right path.

“Guyana is becoming a major source of energy [and] vessels like the Liza Unity help develop oil and gas resources with lower air emissions through sustainable design and operations,” Exxon outlined in its most recent Energy Factor publication.

It said, “Designing more efficient vessels for operation in Guyana ensures the ability to meet global production needs while supporting lower-emission energy goals.”

The Liza Unity was designed and built – and now operates – in alignment with the American Bureau of Shipping’s SUSTAIN-1 Notation and the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). According to Exxon, the vessel is “more energy efficient and has a lower air emissions impact than other vessels.”

Liza Unity achieves pilot flare, new gas compression system for Liza Destiny – Exxon

“The SUSTAIN-1 notation focuses on the environmental aspect of [a vessel’s] design and monitoring. It focuses on waste management, protecting the marine environment around your surroundings, reduction of air emissions, and efficiency in your overall process. We were able to show that for the Liza Unity in Guyana and became the first FPSO to do so,” said Exxon’s Unity Asset Manager, Travys Townson.

And having the SUSTAIN-1 notation is said to be a testament to Exxon’s focus on sustainability and minimising environmental impacts in oil and gas production, Townson, added.

Liza Unity delivering the goods for Guyana, Stabroek co-venturers

The Liza Unity is just the start. The next FPSO for Exxon’s third development – Payara is being constructed with the SUSTAIN-1 requirements, by SBM Offshore.

Additionally, the One Guyana FPSO for Exxon’s fourth development at Stabroek Block, is also currently under construction by SBM Offshore.

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