OAS raises alarm over Venezuela’s aggression towards Guyana, requests Permanent Council meeting 

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The Organization of American States (OAS) General Secretariat has issued a statement, expressing grave concern over the heightened aggression exhibited by Venezuela’s Maduro regime towards Guyana. The OAS emphasizes the urgency and severity of the situation, deeming it a significant threat to regional security and the stability of territorial sovereignty in the hemisphere.

Reaffirming the legitimacy and binding nature of the 1899 boundary established by an international Arbitration Committee, reinforced by ongoing International Court of Justice (ICJ) proceedings, the OAS condemns Venezuela’s unlawful actions against Guyana. The Maduro regime’s pursuit of an illegal and illegitimate referendum on December 3, 2023, seeking to annex the Essequibo region, disregards international law and defies ICJ decisions, employing undemocratic means within a democratic process, the OAS statement outlined.

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The General Secretariat highlighted Venezuela’s series of aggressive actions, including intimidation tactics and disregard for recent ICJ decisions, evident in its intervention in defense, nationality, administration, and economics—direct violations of another state’s jurisdiction and territorial integrity.

Citing the Venezuelan regime’s persistent human rights violations and disregard for inter-American human rights regulations, the OAS underscored the ongoing investigations of regime authorities for crimes against humanity and their continuous defiance of democratic principles, exacerbating migratory and humanitarian crises.

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The OAS affirmed that Venezuela’s recent actions not only imperil Guyana’s development and stability but also pose a broader threat to the security of Latin America and the Caribbean, echoing CARICOM’s repeated condemnation of these actions.

In response to these escalating developments, especially considering the ICJ’s decision on provisional measures against Venezuela on December 1, the General Secretariat called for an urgent meeting of the OAS Permanent Council. The objective is to discuss measures to alleviate the crisis and seek solutions that align with international law and regional stability.


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