October Investment Conference in London seeks to draw engagement from Guyana diaspora

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London is set to host the inaugural Guyana Diaspora Sustainability & Investment Conference (GDSIC) on October 3-4, 2023. The conference, to be held at the prestigious Church House Westminster, will bring together influential figures and business leaders to explore investment opportunities in Guyana and foster engagement with the Guyanese diaspora.

With this year’s theme, “Securing Guyana’s Future Through Diaspora Engagement,” the GDSIC aims to bridge the information and knowledge gap between Guyana and the Guyanese diaspora in the United Kingdom and Europe. Organisers say it is the only business conference in Europe that focuses specifically on Guyana, highlighting the nation’s emerging prospects, particularly in the oil and gas sector.

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Prominent speakers from various industries will participate in panel discussions and deliver individual presentations. Dr. Luis Quintero, Chief Advisor – Production Management at Halliburton, will share his insights on “Guyana’s path to sustainable energy independence.” Dr. Quintero, an expert in the energy sector.

A key objective of the conference is to provide opportunities for the Guyanese diaspora to engage with influential individuals and private sector officials. Participants are expected to learn about the potential opportunities emerging from Guyana’s booming oil and gas sector. Moreover, they can discuss ways to contribute meaningfully to the government’s national transformation agenda and participate in the nation’s progress.

In addition to the business-focused agenda, the GDSIC aims to create an immersive Guyanese experience for attendees under the subtheme “Where business meets culture.” The event will feature performances by Hindu singer Bro Khalil Ali, a Tabla player, and the Guyana KWE KWE Group led by Guyanese Komfa expert and author, Dr. Michelle Yaa Asantewa. 

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The Guyana Diaspora Sustainability & Investment Conference is organised by HenleyCaribbean Sustainable Ventures Limited, established in Guyana in November 2022. The company aims to leverage technology and influential global partnerships to support Guyana in achieving its environmental, social, and governance goals through sustainable practices. The conference serves as a crucial first step in raising global awareness of the brand and generating interest in Guyana’s potential.

By strengthening linkages and building alliances, the GDSIC aims to contribute to Guyana’s growth and development on a global scale. It presents an opportunity for the Guyanese diaspora to connect with their homeland, explore investment prospects, and actively participate in shaping Guyana’s future.


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