Omni Helicopters selects first Guyanese pilots for Ab-Initio flight program

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Omni Helicopters Guyana Initiative (OHGI), touted as Guyana’s leading air mobility solutions provider for the offshore sector, has selected its first two Guyanese citizens, Somant Heeralal and Yadram Ramcharran, to participate in its Ab-Initio flight program. 

Announced in a June 10 release, Omni said the duo, chosen from nearly 20 candidates, will undergo 16 months of “comprehensive training at specialist flight schools”. 

This is their first step to becoming the first Guyanese pilots at OHGI.

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The selection process included pilot aptitude tests, psychological tests, medical tests, and Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET). 

OHGI said the move highlights its commitment to fostering local talent and providing opportunities for aspiring pilots from diverse backgrounds.

According to OHGI, Somant Heeralal initially pursued a medical degree and worked at Georgetown Public Hospital before joining Omni Helicopters in November 2023. His specialized training included Search & Rescue Swimming and Aviation Security, sparking his interest in aviation. Yadram Ramcharran completed a degree in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering at the Art Williams & Harry Wendt Aeronautical Engineering School, gaining practical experience through on-the-job training at Ogle Airport with CAMS and Omni Helicopters.

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Both will undergo academic and flight training, culminating in obtaining a Commercial Helicopter License with an Instrument Flight Rating. This program is designed to equip them with the necessary skills to meet the offshore helicopter sector’s standards. After graduation, they will build flight experience before progressing to larger offshore helicopters.

“This is an important milestone for OHGI and the aviation community in Guyana as we welcome Somant and Yadram to our team as Guyana’s first offshore Ab-initio pilots,” said Duncan Moore, Chief Executive Officer of Offshore and Onshore International at Omni Helicopters International. “Their talent, dedication, and passion for aviation will drive them to great things and inspire others in Guyana seeking a flying career.” 

Upon completing their training, the new pilots will join OHGI’s team. 


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