Partnership brings subsea robotics training, ROV simulator to Guyana for first time

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A partnership between Caribbean Subsea Specialist Inc. (CSSI) and 3t EnerMech (ODITC) has led to the launch of world-class robotics training and project simulation being available for the first time in Guyana.

The Schilling Heavy Duty remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) simulator is now available at the ODITC 3t EnerMech Training Centre of Excellence in Lusignan. Schilling Robotics manufactures ROVs and manipulator arms. Its manipulator arm technology can be found on over 90% of all work-class ROVs in the world.  

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According to 3t EnerMech, the system, utilised in conjunction with an observation class ROV at the pool facility, provides trainees with a combination of real-world “in-water” experience and simulation exposure. Students will be exposed to scenarios like subsea tree installations, well intervention, pipeline installations and surveys and floating production, storage, and offloading (FPSO) hull inspections.

“The development of a subsea robotics training facility in Guyana signifies a key milestone as the country aims to attract technical tourist visitors,” Paul Attrill, Vice President of Sales at 3t EnerMech, commented. “Guyanese nationals will enjoy the competitive advantage of accessing subsea robotics training for a fraction of the previous cost of travelling overseas, with the country poised to be a hub for technical training to the Americas and Western world.”

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Guyana’s subsea operations, according to 3t EnerMech, must be supported by ROVs because of the extreme depth and pressure of underwater locations. An average of 12 to 16 ROVs are operated at any given time, with this number set to expand as more offshore projects are sanctioned.

Following ROV induction training, CSSI will be supporting Guyanese with competency management and job placement in the industry, both locally and internationally.

ODITC will also be supporting this process, 3t EnerMech said, by augmenting the candidate’s competency suite with critical offshore skills such as T-BOSIET, rigging and lifting and confined spaces training.   

“All qualifications provided by the CSSI and ODITC collaboration meets or exceeds the highest international standards such as OPITO, International Marine Contractors Association and the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board,” 3t EnerMech said.


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