Petrobras makes double oil strikes in Brazil’s pre-salt


Brazilian oil company Petrobras announced on Monday two oil strikes in the Santos and Campos Basins offshore the South American country. Petrobras said oil, which is of excellent quality, was found in the Southeast area of the Búzios in the Santos Basin pre-salt, 210 km from Rio de Janeiro in a water depth of 2,108 meters.

“This well is in the drilling process and have already been identified 208 meters of reservoirs, confirming oil with the same quality as the oil produced today in this field. The oil, of excellent quality and compatible with other wells in this field, was proven through tests carried out from 5,400 meters depth,” Petrobras said.

Petrobras is the operator (90%) of the consortium in the Búzios field, in partnership with CNOOC (5%) and CNODC (5%). The excess volumes from the Búzios field were acquired at an auction held on 6 November 2019.

Oil was also found in the Albacora field inside the Plano de Avaliação de Descoberta (PAD) of Forno area, in the Campos Basin pre-salt, 184 km from Macaé, Rio de Janeiro. The well has a water depth of 450 meters.

“The discovery consists of approximately 214 meters of reservoirs, with the presence of light oil, proven through tests carried out from 4,630 meters depth,” the company said.

Petrobras is the operator (100%) of the Albacora field and will continue the PAD for this area.


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