Ramps team ‘re-energised’ after stressful battle for Local Content Certificate – CEO

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After months of public appeals to Guyana’s Local Content Secretariat, impassioned testimonials from its Guyanese staff, and a court battle, Ramps Logistics Guyana is now elated by its recent win – a Local Content Certificate. So related its Chief Executive Officer, Shaun Rampersad.

“The last few months have been quite stressful on our team but receiving this certificate today really re-energises us,” Rampersad said. “We look forward to working with the Local Content Secretariat and with many local businesses in Guyana to help create even more opportunities for Guyanese companies to provide goods and services to the oil and gas sector.”

In a ruling last week, which examined the validity of Ramps’ local content application, Guyana’s Chief Justice, Roxane George-Wiltshire, said the company’s submission satisfies the requirements of the Local Content Act.

Ramps affirmed the ruling as a sign that the Guyana judiciary is free and independent.

In a comment to OilNOW, Rampersad said, “Today is a good day for Guyana. It’s a good day for those who want to invest in Guyana and bring their financial capital, their human capital, their processes and technology, to really help make Guyana a jewel amongst nations.”

Stating its respect for the judiciary after complying with the ruling, the Guyana government indicated that it is considering an appeal on the grounds that it has strong concerns about the eligibility of Ramps’ local content certification.


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