Russia calls for de-escalation of tensions in Guyana-Venezuela border controversy

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Maria Vladimirovna Zakharova, Director of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, issued a statement emphasizing Russia’s close attention to the recent developments surrounding Essequibo. This comes in light of the December 3 consultative referendum in Venezuela meant to annex the region and subsequent legal actions taken.

“We cannot allow a situation like Ukraine in this hemisphere” – Ali | OilNOW

Zakharova stressed that the issue at hand pertains to the relations between Venezuela and Guyana, urging both nations to seek amicable, peaceful, and mutually agreeable solutions. Emphasis was placed on resolving the matter in accordance with international law, bilateral agreements, and respective national legislation.

Highlighting the paramount importance of de-escalation and fostering trust between the two nations, Russia called upon Venezuela and Guyana to avoid actions that might exacerbate tensions or cause harm to either side.

The Russian Ministry welcomed the telephone conversation held on December 6 between Venezuela’s Foreign Minister, Yvan Gil, and his Guyanese counterpart, Hugh Todd, expressing hope for continued dialogue between the two nations.

In the statement, Russia firmly opposed external pressure or interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states. Zakharova emphasized the need for caution from third-party countries in sensitive matters, both publicly and privately.

“No place for unilateral action by Venezuela” –  UK Foreign Secretary | OilNOW 

Furthermore, Russia reiterated its longstanding commitment to the principle that Latin America should remain a zone of peace, echoing sentiments expressed by CELAC countries at the Havana summit in 2014. The nation affirmed its support for efforts aimed at bolstering regional unity and encouraged Latin American and Caribbean countries to solidify their stance as a significant force in the evolving multipolar world.

The statement concluded with Russia’s continuous support for regional unity and its unwavering dedication to maintaining peace in Latin America.


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