SLB and Eni’s Enivibes to deploy e-vpms® for global pipeline monitoring

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SLB and energy giant Eni, through its subsidiary Enivibes, have forged an alliance to roll out e-vpms® (Eni Vibroacoustic Pipeline Monitoring System) technology worldwide. This state-of-the-art vibroacoustic wave detection system is purposed to provide real-time analysis, monitoring, and leak detection for pipelines globally.

Enivibes will be responsible for introducing this new, proprietary pipeline integrity technology to the international market. It will be aided by SLB’s digital prowess and operations spanning more than 100 countries. The e-vpms technology, adaptable to any pipeline, regardless of its age, will offer instant integrity data crucial for ensuring the consistently reliable operation of a network.

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The alliance is set to enable the deployment of e-vpms® technology across pipelines carrying liquid hydrocarbons and produced water. Moreover, the technology allows the detection of product loss due to external factors like attempted product theft or unintentional impacts, corrosion-induced leak events, and land movement events brought about by natural disasters like earthquakes or landslides.

Ziad Jeha, the Business Line Director for Midstream Production Systems at SLB, shared his enthusiasm for the technology’s potential. “The e-vpms technology will equip operators with the ability to extract real-time data from even their oldest assets,” Jeha said. 

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Jeha further explained the profound impact this technology could have, particularly in the realm of environmental incidents. “Operators will be able to receive reliable and specific real-time information, allowing for focused and timely responses, especially in instances of an environmental nature.”

With its promise of providing operators with real-time, actionable data, the e-vpms technology stands to significantly enhance the safety, reliability, and efficiency of pipeline operations.

SLB is a leading oilfield services company, with operations in Guyana. 


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