Students, lecturers briefed on Guyana’s transparency efforts

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The Guyana Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (GYEIT) is currently engaged in an awareness campaign, aimed at educating students and Lecturers of Technical Institutes across Guyana, particularly those studying in the extractive fields, on the importance of the implementation of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) initiative.

To date, presentations have been done for students of the Government Technical Institute (GTI) and the Essequibo Technical Institute in Anna Regina. This activity will also be taken to the Guyana Industrial Training Center in Georgetown, on August 24.

National Coordinator of GYEITI, Dr Rudy Jadoopat explained that these “outreaches satisfy work plan activities linked to the objective of creating greater public awareness about EITI and the Implementation of EITI in Guyana.” He added that the presentations during these outreaches are “on EITI Principles and the Relevance to Guyana which provides a platform for discussions on Guyana’s first EITI Reporting Cycle.”

In his address to students of GTI, Dr Jadoopat emphasized the importance of EITI, saying “extractives companies have often contributed to many challenges such as environmental degradation, displacement of populations, conflict, corruption and the violation of human rights. EITI implementing countries have made significant advances in mitigating and managing such impacts and risks, by improving how the sector manages economic and social impacts.”

Guyana is required to submit its first EITI Report in April 2019. Dr Jadoopat had previously told OilNOW the process of gathering data and information for the preparation of the Report is underway and that he is confident that the Report will be completed in time for its deadline.


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