Trinidad’s NGC and PLNL finalise landmark gas sales contract

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The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (NGC) and Point Lisas Nitrogen Limited (PLNL) have announced the successful conclusion of negotiations leading to the execution of a Gas Sales Contract (GSC). This agreement will govern the sale of natural gas to PLNL, marking a significant step forward after a period of constructive negotiations.

NGC said the new GSC signifies the commitment of both companies to supply gas under mutually agreeable terms, ensuring the continued operations of the PLNL plant. This facility, known for producing anhydrous ammonia, is located at the Point Lisas Industrial Estate.

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NGC President Mark Loquan commented on the development, stating: “NGC is keenly aware of its responsibilities in the domestic energy landscape, both as gas supplier to the downstream sector and as the state entity charged with creating value for country from our natural gas resources. Achieving the right balance and ensuring we can satisfy the demands of all our stakeholders requires open discussion, flexibility and a constant focus on the big picture. I wish to thank the teams at PLNL and NGC for their equal dedication to the process and the achievement of a favourable outcome. We look forward to nurturing this relationship for a sustainable domestic energy sector future.”

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Addressing the significance of this GSC, PLNL President Fitzroy Harewood said: “PLNL welcomes the timely execution of this Gas Sales Contract which represents a new chapter in the life of the company. As a downstream operator with a long-standing presence on the Point Lisas Industrial Estate, this opportunity to continue operations is a testament to the hard work and dedicated efforts of PLNL’s employees over the years. On behalf of PLNL, I extend thanks to the team at NGC for their professionalism and flexibility throughout these negotiations and we look forward to continuing this collaboration in the years ahead.”


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