TT bank positioning itself for Guyana’s oil windfall

Nadine Paul, Senior Account Manager, First Citizens Bank, speaking at the Guyana Safety Forum, an event held by the Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago on October 16 2019, at the Arthur Chung Convention Centre, in Guyana.

A Trinidad and Tobago financial institution — First Citizens Bank — is looking to service Guyana’s Oil and Gas industry. This, as Guyana’s prospects increase, and the South American nation moves closer to first oil by 2020.

The Bank expressed its interest through Senior Account Manager, Nadine Paul. She voiced their desire to service Guyana’s industry during her address at the Guyana Safety Forum, an event held by The Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago on October 16, at the Arthur Chung Convention Centre, in Guyana.

Commenting on the developments in Guyana, as it relates to the country’s newfound oil wealth, Paul said, “Like your Capital that’s ripe with activity, your energy sector is equally abuzz. Oil Exploration has been on a rapid trajectory, production estimates are promising, and you’re poised to become one of the highest reserved per capita economies globally. The world has taken notice of Guyana and the stage is set for extraordinary influx of revenue.”

She went on to say that as a counterpart in Caricom and Guyana’s neighbor, the twin-island republic has been celebrating Guyana’s finds.

She also spoke of the TT bank’s capabilities to effectively serve the emerging sector, saying, “First Citizens comes with a wealth of expertise, committed to investing in bankable projects—both locally and regionally. We have been doing extensive work in training our corporate and investment banking personnel to effectively analyse and manage risk within the energy sector, and we offer a range of services including debt financing, capital market insurance and multi-creditor agreements to local and foreign private companies, public companies, Governments, financial institutions, and conglomerates.”

First citizens is well positioned to partner with businesses, she said, both in and out of the sector and in Guyana.

The Senior Account Manager said the bank is “more than ready” to bring its services to the new regional oil and gas hotspot. “So, why not approach us for a conversation that can mark the beginning of an excellent banking relationship?” she asked those gathered at the second Safety Forum to be staged in Guyana by the TT Energy Chamber.


  1. TT has oil, Paul. All TT venture caps, please be still and await your turn. We have many banks in GT we would like to gain the experience & business in our O&G sector.

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