Monday, February 6, 2023

New US$3 million dry-dock yard to support Guyana’s booming marine sector

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A venture by Pritipaul Singh Jr. will see some US$3 million being invested into Dock Yard – a drydocking facility and shipyard located at Supply, on Guyana’s East Bank corridor.

Dry Dock will be housed on a 30,000 square feet (sq. ft) plot of land on the eastern bank of the Demerara River. It measures some 270 feet in length and 70 feet in width, weighing approximately 2,000 tons.

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Per the project documents submitted, the drydock will accommodate vessels that weigh up to 5,000 tonnes with a maximum length of 300 feet.

“To lift any boat, the operation would entail sinking the drydock to the desired depth, driving the vessel on and then pump the drydock up with the use of submerged pumps located at the bottom of the drydock,” the document outlined.

When fully operational, it will be Guyana’s premiere floating dock facility.

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It also boasts a 150-tonne crane along with a concrete wharf spanning some 145 feet.

Direct employment will be created for 25-full time employees with up to 150 part-time employees as the need arises.

Dock Yard said employment opportunities will also be available for local contractors. There will be need for welders, fabricators, skilled labourers, general labourers, and foremen.

Yet to be fully authorised by the Environmental Protection Agency, the project is determined to have minimal risks and, therefore, does not require an Environmental Impact Assessment.

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