Empowering Entrepreneurs: Stacy Reece’s Journey with East Gate Products and Café

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In the bustling world of culinary innovation, Stacy Reece stands out as a visionary entrepreneur, driving forward her business, East Gate Products and Café, with a unique blend of creativity and determination. Renowned for her delectable marinating sauces that redefine flavor, Stacy has captured the taste buds of her customers and carved a niche for herself in the culinary landscape.

However, Stacy’s journey toward success took an innovative turn when she embraced the digital realm to revolutionize her business operations. Leveraging the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women HerVenture app, supported by the ExxonMobil Foundation, Stacy ventured into the world of mobile money, transforming the way she conducts transactions and interacts with her customers.

That move not only simplified customer payments but also streamlined operations, paving the way for enhanced efficiency and growth for East Gate Products and Café. With the unwavering support of the ExxonMobil Foundation and the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, Stacy embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship and resilience, exemplifying the transformative power of technology in empowering small businesses.

Together, Stacy Reece, the ExxonMobil Foundation, and the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women are championing inclusive economic growth and sustainable business success, paving the way for aspiring entrepreneurs to reach new heights and thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape.

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From the Cheri Blair Foundation for Women: 

Stacy’s story: heritage, home recipes, and HerVenture

Stacy Reece runs East Gate Products and Café in Guyana. She used our HerVenture app to learn about mobile money and how it can boost her business.

Stacy Reece is the sole proprietor of East Gate Products and Café. Her company produces a unique range of marinating sauces to make cooking easier and food more delicious. She used our HerVenture app’s new learning track on mobile money to learn about the emerging digital payment method and how to implement it in her business. 

“I always had a passion for business. I grew up in a very entrepreneurial family: my great-grandmother ran a cottage business and my mother was in the sewing industry. The rich heritage of my great-grandmother’s business inspired me, as did the recipes I inherited from my family. So, in 2020, I decided to start selling marinating sauces and seasoning blends that infuse every meal with layers of flavor and nostalgia. 

I already had a strong business, but the knowledge I gained through HerVenture supported me to perfect it.

I heard about the HerVenture app on the radio and decided to download it because it was all about business skills. I already had a strong business, but the knowledge I gained through HerVenture supported me to perfect it. Training is paramount to excellence, so these easy-to-use, digital training modules are imperative for women entrepreneurs. 

One of the app’s learning tracks is all about mobile money. It encouraged me to use mobile money in my business, which has been amazing. 

Mobile money in Guyana is a game changer for the business sector.

Mobile money in Guyana is a game changer for the business sector. It makes sending and receiving money easier. Whether you’re in Region 1 or Region 10, whether you are in Georgetown or Berbice, it just takes a phone to make your payments. You don’t have to walk around with cash or write a cheque. You can now sit in your sitting room or your dining room and use your digital wallet to make payments to your suppliers or receive payments from your customers. Having a digital payment method is great for my customers and has streamlined my bookkeeping process as well.

I want to encourage women in business, and women that want to start a business, to use the HerVenture app and mobile money. HerVenture’s trainings are phenomenal.”


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