Halliburton seeks maintenance service providers for liquid mud plant in Guyana

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Oil service company, Halliburton, has issued a public request for information (RFI) seeking maintenance service providers for its liquid mud plant in Guyana. The scope of the requested services revolves around executing the monthly preventive maintenance schedule for all equipment stationed at the facility.

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With a robust global presence spanning over 70 countries and a diverse workforce of around 40,000 employees representing 130 nationalities, Halliburton specializes in offering comprehensive energy-related products and services throughout the reservoir lifecycle. From locating hydrocarbons to optimizing production, the company said it is renowned for its expertise in various facets of the energy industry.

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Since its establishment in Guyana in 2015, Halliburton’s presence in the region has witnessed remarkable expansion. Initially catering to ExxonMobil with cementing solutions, the company has significantly diversified its service offerings. Presently, Halliburton’s operations in Guyana encompass a wide array of services, boasting one of the largest mud plants in the hemisphere among its notable assets.


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