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Sunday, February 28, 2021
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Provision of information by the operators for Guyana’s natural gas development

Assuming that the joint venture will have limited facilities for the reinjection or storage of natural gas, the ability of the parties to take...

Ownership of Guyana’s future natural gas to be lifted

Unlike the principles for the crude oil lifting agreement that could be in the disposition of crude oil, the disposition of natural gas must...

Development and disposition of Guyana’s potential natural gas

The host government contracts should have separate provisions for the disposition of natural gas. It is debatable whether this is necessary. As between the...

Regulating the sale of Guyana’s crude oil lifts’ entitlement

This provision is inevitably controversial because it provides for the parties not simply to overlift crude oil that may have been scheduled to be...

Provision for marine loading of Guyana’s hydrocarbons

Guyana must address the need for the investing parties to agree on the allocation of risk in relation to tanker loading, whether at an...

COVID-19: No flattening of the curve yet for Guyana

The coronavirus has now spread to 190 countries with more than 9 million confirmed cases and more than 470,000 deaths. The highest official case...

Lifting submissions of Guyana’s petroleum resources

Efficient use of lifting and transportation capacity requires planning. By nominating to the operator acceptance of their entitlements, the parties confirm that they have...

Setting Guyana’s hydrocarbons production forecasts for lifting agreements

Production forecasts are a workmanlike description of the forecasting and reporting activities which must be performed by the operator under the lifting agreement. The...

Features for Guyana’s crude oil sale delivery point

The Government of Guyana Agreement may identify the Delivery Point or Points, putting the actual location of the Delivery Point beyond discussion. However, the...

Options for Guyana’s crude oil disposition

Crude oil to be produced from an Exploitation Area shall be taken and disposed of in accordance with the rules set out in the...