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16 more Guyanese undergo training for offshore jobs

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Sixteen more Guyanese are undergoing training for job opportunities offshore, this time as part of the Edison Chouest supply vessel fleet. Manpower provider, El Dorado Offshore in collaboration with Ramps Logistics of Trinidad & Tobago, has been playing an integral role in facilitating the training and development of a number of Guyanese for work in the South American country’s emerging oil and gas industry.

Eldon Thompson

Edison Chouest Offshore HSE Coordinator, Eldon Thompson, told OilNOW the objective has been to educate and train Guyanese on marine rigging and safety standards of the operations.

“The course objectives include the educating and training of Guyanese on marine rigging and also to educate them as much as possible to the risk involved in the operations on vessels,” he said.

Eight mariners were inducted last year, as part of the first batch of Guyanese to work offshore for Edison Chouest.

El Dorado Offshore Country Manager, Kerri Gravesande, said since that time, more Guyanese have been trained and equipped with the skills required to work offshore. “Now we have an opportunity to have a pool that is readily trained and available, should there be a request for more mariners, riggers, ordinary sailors,” she said.

Kerri Gravesande

With increased activity expected in exploration and production activities, she said having more Guyanese trained and ready to serve in the industry puts the country at an advantage. “This is an attempt to prepare for that. Our partnership with Edison Chouest is to ensure that we continue to train people and develop them so that they are ready for the industry,” she stated.

OilNOW also spoke with some of the new trainees looking to advance in the programme for deployment offshore.

Travis Moore

“The company has so far been selecting wisely, giving everyone an opportunity, including both persons who have been working on the sea for a number of years as well those who have not. As a Guyanese I am proud to be part of this industry,” said 29-year old Travis Moore, a resident of Guyana’s capital, Georgetown.

Meanwhile, New Amsterdam, Berbice resident, Rodell Harmon said,

Rodell Harmon

“To know that something like this has come to our country and opened an opportunity, not only to come and work, but also to gain experience and learn also…it’s something new and we are all most impressed with it and we are happy to get the opportunity to be working alongside, or with the ExxonMobil team.”

Exxon, El Dorado pushing “paid training” for Guyanese students

El Dorado Offshore working with Ramps Logistics has facilitated the training and employment of a number of Guyanese over the past several months in the oil and gas industry. The Guyana-based company says it remains committed to playing a key role in the development of local content and continues its push to train and equip more Guyanese, as the industry expands.


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