40+ Mount Sinai experts helping Guyana raise healthcare standard under Hess initiative

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Hess Corporation says more than 40 leading healthcare experts from Mount Sinai have been deployed to Guyana. These specialists have been entrusted with the task of building a high-quality primary care system and introducing specialised services in cardiology and oncology, as part of a multi-million-dollar initiative supported by the company. 

Their expertise and knowledge are expected to be instrumental in bringing about remarkable improvements at Georgetown Public Hospital, the largest hospital in the country, Hess said in its 2022 Sustainability Report. Their work is also set to improve the current healthcare system in Guyana by incorporating modern health care record-keeping and financing options.

Apart from these upgrades, the Mount Sinai team is also working on a strategic plan to address hypertension and diabetes, two common health conditions prevalent among the Guyanese population. By addressing these conditions, the initiative aims to enhance disease prevention and control strategies and potentially improve the overall health outcomes for Guyanese.

Hess Corporation and the Mount Sinai Health System, in partnership with the Guyana government, launched the landmark three-year healthcare initiative in July 2022. The project focuses on improving access to affordable and high-quality health care for all Guyanese and benefitted from a US$32 million injection by Hess. The Guyana government also contributed approximately US$1.6 million to the initiative. 

This investment is a significant component in Hess Corporation’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy in Guyana. It has also committed to purchasing carbon credits from the country, valued at around US$750 million. 

Hess and the Guyana government won the Energy Transition Initiative Award from the Association of International Energy Negotiators (AIEN) for leadership in creating a sustainable energy future, earlier this year. 

Hess is a 30 percent stakeholder in the Stabroek Block where ExxonMobil is operator with 45 percent interest and CNOOC, with 25 percent.


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