69 Lindeners graduate from programmes supported by Exxon, Hess & CNOOC

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The Greater Guyana Initiative (GGI) has funded electrical installation and welding and fabrication programmes through the Linden Technical Institute (LTI) in partnership with the Ministry of Education, the Council for Technical and Vocational Education Training (C-TVET) and LearnCorp International.

The institute hosted its 60th graduation exercise on December 7, where a cohort of 159 students graduated, of which 69, including the valedictorian, completed the two programmes.

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Addressing the graduates, Workforce Development Advisor of ExxonMobil Guyana Limited, Alicia Bess-Anderson, commended them for their resilience and commitment to developing technical skills by pursuing higher education. This, she advised, would enable the sustainability of their community and country. Bess-Anderson emphasized the importance of humility, being empowered to determine their career path, networking, and celebrating their achievements as they embark on their professional journey. She expressed eagerness to see the graduates’ contribution to Guyana’s growing economy.

A section of the graduating students at Linden Technical Institute

Valedictorian John Anthony, who graduated with a Diploma in Electrical Installation Level II, noted that although the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in his class graduating a year later than anticipated, they all rallied through successfully. He advised his fellow graduates to never stop learning. “The world is constantly changing, and we must adapt to stay ahead. We have the power to change the world; let’s go out and make it happen,” he urged. While extending appreciation to the contributors of his success, he particularly thanked the Greater Guyana Initiative and LearnCorp International, “I would be happy to read in future articles about your continued support to these two programmes and additional programmes at LTI.”

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Hector Anthony, the principal of LTI, shared the institution’s report and highlighted that the current management’s goal is to sustain training in all occupational areas to meet the needs of the evolving job market. He expressed pride in the progress of the institution towards achieving this goal. He added that the institution was privileged to participate in the Basic Industrial Safety Training (BIST) through LearnCorp International with GGI’s support. The principal said the institution will continue to partner with industries, businesses, and educational institutions to equip students to become assets to society. 

The GGI is a US$100 million, 10-year investment made by the Stabroek co-venturers – ExxonMobil Guyana Limited, Hess Guyana Exploration Limited, and CNOOC Petroleum Guyana Limited. It is geared towards developing the local workforce, building human capacity, enhancing education, and improving healthcare, aimed at promoting sustainable economic diversification in Guyana.


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